Are you a beginner?

Are you a beginner? Are you alone or with a group of friends and your  dream is to approaching sporting activities for the first time? Contact  Winandwine and book in advance an instructor, a guide, an escort. Enquire now  info@winandwine.com

Don’t you have sports equipment?

Provide at least 15 days before the event  the informations about the sports you want to practice, what do you need,  the sizes for clothing or shoes, Winandwine will make available the appropriate material;  some exceptions  as strictly personal and underware.  Enquire now info@winandwine.com

If you practice special sports our territory has a lot to offer, let us know your needs.



Cellar tour are available every day by reservation only.  Enquire now info@winandwine.com

Dairy Tours are available every morning except Saturday and Sunday because there is no production of rennet.
The suggested sports paths are free; it is possible to book a guided tour. Enquire now info@winandwine.com



Do you travel with people with disabilities?

Except for rare exceptions, for example cellars in ancient  dwellings, most of the accesses are without architectural barriers; at the time of requesting for information, winandwine will select the ones with easy access, ensuring a regular enjoyment by each participant.  Enquire now info@winandwine.com


Do you travel with children? (3 to 9 years old)

Children are welcome, the places chosen for events are at their disposal, in some cases they will be able to practice sports alongside their parents – for example, the Marathon of Pisa organizes Family Run. Registration is required.

Points out the need for a kindergarten or a baby sitter, a qualified staff will take care of your child at the time of the race, in some cases the service is provided by the organization.  Enquire now info@winandwine.com 

In the cellar you can make your tasting with your children, they are welcome if the parents watch their games. No surveillance services are provided.

Sport’s  paths  on the site report the note if they fit your children. Whichever path you choose, remember
that you need a minimum spirit of adaptation, suitable clothing and hiking shoes, a reserve of water, a snack, a windproof jacket.

In our territory there are many educational – scientific activities that your children can discover.  Discover the Museo di Storia Naturale of Pisa University and  Museo nazionale della Certosa monumentale di Pisa .
Enquire now info@winandwine.com


Do you travel with small animals?

For visits to the cellars, every structure will indicate the possibility of accessing the animals inside. Each cellar has its own rules; surely signaling in time the particular need can be an advantage.

We are sorry but any animals  are  allowed to enter in the dairy production area.

No competitive sporting event allows you to bring the animals on the racing track except those dedicated and subject to specific legislation.

During an uncompetitive running or trail ranning event you can bring the animals on the racing track but still on the leash.


Do you travel in groups?

Groups of friends, colleagues, teammates, they may request a confidential treatment, Winandwine will organize the event. Enquire now info@winandwine.com

In the case of a competition, competitive or not, can be made group membership and at the start or at any place you indicate, you will find your race packages, race number. It may need a delegation. Enquire now info@winandwine.com

In case of an event organized for a group, if request in advance, we can be provided a jersey remember to all participants – Enquire now info@winandwine.com



Are you intolerant to some foods?

Special attention to intolerance or allergies.

In the event of a competitive tender the staff responsible for the service will provide you special foods.

For a visit with tasting in the cellar or in the dairy, tell to winandwine what kind of intolerance or allergy, we will be careful to prepare in full security the foods in combination with the wine.  Enquire now info@winandwine.com



For the event “Reserved for me”

A special event, an exclusive location La Cantina and its wines; if you want to organize a party in the cellar you must to check the availability in advance, and if you are interested you will be do a site ispection. Catering, floral arrangements, shuttle services can be provided.

It  will  be a multi-day event, such as a workshop, an exhibition, team building experience. 

Are you a company? It is possible to create a Team Building or Corporate Program where sports will be an excellent tool to facilitate business relationships and promote sports practice as a training activity. Enquire now info@winandwine.com



For those who need, Winandwine provides the private transfer service with driver, costs depending on the number of
participants.  You can also pick up where you indicate.


If you have not yet booked an accomodation, Winandwine  you can suggest the best solution for your needs.

If you want to discover the flavors and perfumes of Tuscany, Winandwine has selected for you small restaurants, taverns, wineries where you can enjoy typical Tuscan menus nin a typical and genuine atmosphere.

If you want to be protagonist in the kitchen Winandwine offers you the opportunity to follow small cooking class during which you will learn how to cook pizza and pasta. Enquire now info@winandwine.com