Sport paths – La Verruca


-length: about 10-11 Km

-difference in height: 500m approx

– difficulty: medium


A fortress, or rather what remains of a fortress. Built to dominate the entire plain of Pisa and the Arno valley, built during the Middle Ages, it had strategic importance during the period of PISA REPUBBLICA MARINARA, always fighting against Florence. From the Verruca one could control the advancing enemy troops and with coded signals of fire and smoke, communicate to the city of Pisa where they were positioned. La Rocca della Verruca is History of Pisa.

Climb to the top of the Verruca is not quite simple, there are several routes to get to the summit: from Caprona, from Nicosia di Calci, from Montemagno, from Uliveto, more distant to reach the paths from San Giovanni alla Vena and Buti. Several times I went up to the Rocca, with all weather conditions, in company or alone, every time it is an emotion; I wish you to find a clear day, clear skies, you will see the islands and the Tuscan coast, Corsica, near the Arno, you will notice the agglomerates of houses, the villages around Pisa, below you Calci and Val Graziosa, then looking at the sea you will see all of Pisa.



Coordinate 43°42′25.8″N10°32′01.9″E

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Regione Toscana sentieristica